Your Questions Answered: 12 Gauge Wrought Iron Doors


It is made of long-lasting materials, so it will help keep your door knobs in good shape. Metal door knobs and handles may rust if exposed to rain and water for an extended period. However, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and less prone to rust under these conditions. However, they are not rustproof, particularly during the wet season. In the end, the product’s quality will suffer if it is not maintained correctly.

The damage done by dents, for example, can be difficult to fix. And residential steel doors and frames might rust if they get scratched. Another benefit to consider is the energy efficiency of steel front doors.

While steel doors are quite sturdy, they shouldn’t be considered impenetrable. Steel rusts, and there aren’t any solid options you can use to protect your steel door in the long term. So, every time it rains, it gets a bit too humid outside, or snow piles up at your doorstep, your door is likely to start developing tiny rust spots. Over time, those rust spots grow, continue to eat through the door, and eventually, you’ll have a large hole in your door. Rust damage can be patched, but the patch is never as strong as the door was originally. You have to be careful with steel because it rusts when constantly exposed to the elements.

A major benefit of wrought iron doors is that they’re almost impossible to break. However, this doesn’t hold for other elements of the doors such as glass panels and other elements. But the structure itself can survive extensive wear and tear for decades.

But the advantage goes to steel due to its fully recyclable structure. Manufacturers can make new products out of recycled steel over and over again, and the physical properties will remain unchanged. With the advent of speedier and thriftier production methods, steel has become easier to obtain and much cheaper. Wrought iron, though, is more naturally resistant to shock and vibration, which counteracts the softness of the metal.

Painted Iron Single Main Door, For Home

I just wanted to express my appreciation to the team your company sent to install a few doors and repair windows in our house. They were professional, caring, cooperative and extremely courteous. On the whole, our experience with the Hodges Company has been very positive and we happily recommend your services to others.

The next picture below from one of our Entry Door Galleries helps to demonstrate the point. As you can see, it looks like a wrought iron wooden door thanks to the grille. If you touched the door, it feels a lot like wood as well, but it’s actually fiberglass. Homeowners often choose fiberglass to integrate windows and add more natural light to their entryway. Steel doors can come with windows, too, but it lessens the material’s advantage when it comes to security.

Reasons To Consider An Iron Door

The funny thing about this measurement system is, the smaller the gauge number is, the stronger the iron actually is. In this case, 12 gauge iron means the sheet metal used to create the door is .1046 inches thick and weighs 4.267 pounds per square foot – making our wrought iron doors dependable and durable. Combine patio doors and solid security with a steel or iron door for your home from Superior Windows–Door & Millwork in Louisiana. They are made of a polyurethane or polystyrene core and a steel skin is placed on top to combine strong steel without weighing too much and putting stress on your frame. While traditionally, steel and iron doors are installed on institutional or industrial buildings such as stores and schools, many homeowners are electing to install them as their front doors. We stick with fiberglass wrought iron entry doors because they’re the perfect choice for Orange County, CA homeowners in most situations (Learn More).

And, when it comes to setting up a door in your main entrance, the aspect of security shouldn’t also go unnoticed. The difference lies in one metal’s ability to be bent and shaped. Wrought iron can welded into different designed due to low carbon content, so if you’re looking for elaborate, decorative, ornate door designs, wrought iron is the clear winner. To achieve the same level of design with steel, it will have to be melted and poured into a special mold which is an extremely expensive process. Today, most entry doors are made of steel, a non-natural alloy made from iron. While steel may seem stronger or longer lasting than iron, the opposite is true, making an iron door a practical choice for long-lasting security.

They can be installed without tearing up the interior or exterior of your home.” From the design idea conception to welding and painting, we do it all here, near San Diego, California. If your home requires outstanding finish or anything outside the standard size or design of steel windows or iron doors, or you want a truly unique look, we are able to achieve those needs. As soon as we nail down your wrought iron door design and your order is placed, Monarch Custom Doors gets to work.

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